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Publishers Clearing House
Superprize Winner Announced On NBC!

Have you thought about how you'd like to receive the prize payments for a $1O,OOO,OOO.OO SuperPrize?

Well you should because if your entry from this Bulletin is selected the winner you will be asked to make a prize payment choice.

There are two options and this official notification lays out both of them in detail.

Upon timely response you will be assigned a SuperPrize Number which will be fully eligible to win Ten Million Dollars. Upon winner selection, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol will show up at the winner's door with a TV camera crew, a dozen red roses and the "Big Check."

But after all the screams, weak knees and hugs, the neighbors rushing over to see what all the commotion's for and the joyful, tearful phone calls to loved ones, you'll need to decide how you would like to receive the huge prize.

You can be paid Ten Million Dollars in annual installments of $225,OOO.OO with a final payment of $3,475,OO.OO, should you win from this Bulletin, or you can elect to receive a lump sum of $3,791,394.32 Cash All At Once!

It's simply a matter of picking what's right for you. Are you someone who likes the financial security of steady annual payments, knowing your retirement nest egg will be overflowing with a final payment of $3.475 Million Dollars? Or, are you the type who wants tons of cash-cash- cash all at once so you can invest it or use it how you want right away?

The prize payment schedule must be determined before transferring funds and notifying the bank of a large withdrawal or notifying the brokerage firm to purchase bonds to fund the investment portfolio.

Furthermore, to satisfy entry requirements for this Bulletin, you must respond before the enforced deadline in the Official Rules. So please respond as soon as possible. Processing of your entry will begin immediately upon receipt and the winner will be selected following the proper winner selection protocols.

Without a timely response, you will forfeit all rights to any money that may be won with this entry and all payments, lump sum or annual, that could be associated therewith.

No one knows what the winning number is yet...understand that the winning number could be assigned to you after you submit your entry from this Bulletin.

Kindly use your Ten Million Dollar Prize Payment Entry-Order Form. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

P.S. Publishers Clearing House has awarded over $200 Million in prizes so far! Any entry -- including the one you'll receive if you respond now -- could become a winner. Do not pass up this opportunity.

The winner would receive the $3,791,394.32 Lump Sum Cash at Once payment option.
Lump Sum
Bond Purchase Price: $3,766,394.32
Award Payment: $25,OOO.OO
Total Upfront Payment: $3,791,394.32

The winner would receive the $225,OOO.OO Annual Payments Financial Security option.
Annual Payments
Bond Year Interest Principle
1 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
2 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
3 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
4 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
5 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
6 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
7 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
8 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
9 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
10 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
11 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
12 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
13 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
14 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
15 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
16 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
17 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
18 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
19 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
20 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
21 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
22 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
23 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
24 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
25 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
26 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
27 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
28 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
29 $225,OOO.OO O.OO
30 O.OO $3,475,OOO.OO
Total Payments: $10 MILLION
Bond interest payments continue annually until the final year when original $3,475,000.00 investment principle plus any accrued interest is paid.
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