(Sharing a laugh, and a concern of today's present world... perhaps!) A man, on the very first day of his vacations that he had ma... thumbnail 1 summary

(Sharing a laugh, and a concern of today's present world... perhaps!)

A man, on the very first day of his vacations that he had managed to avail from his cut-throat office routine after a gap of full one year, entered in a Veterinary Doctor’s clinic and said: "Doctor, I have come on vacations for a week so that I can get myself treated to some extent within this period."

Doctor: “Dear, I think you didn’t notice my clinic’s board and have entered a wrong place. Actually you should go to the Doctor opposite to my clinic.”

Man: “No Doctor, I did take a notice of your board, and have come to you only.”

Doctor: “But, gentleman I am a Veterinary Doctor. I am an animal specialist. I do not treat human beings.”

Man: “I know it very well Doctor, and that is why I have come to you only.”

Doctor: “Please try to understand I cannot! Look, you speak like me, think like me, talk like me, which clearly means you are a human being and not an animal.”

Man: “Doc, I know I am a human, but listen to my case history first…

I sleep vigilantly like a dog thinking & being continuously aware about my workload whole the night.

I get up in the morning like a horse and then run to work running like a deer running against the time.

I work all the day like a donkey

I run around all 12 months like a bull without any holiday to cool-off and relax.

I don’t like but can’t help keep wagging my tail in front of my bosses who don’t like normal behavior from their employees.

I play with my children like a mad monkey whenever I get some time.

And, I am like a rabbit before my wife running fast away from her demands of some ample time to spend with family at home.

The list will go on doctor proving I have become no less than a poor animal taken for a ride every now and then by my professional life.”

Doctor: “Are you an Engineer”?

Man: “Yes doc!”

Doctor: “Oh! Now I can comprehend your situation. You are no different than me, or any other professional of today’s world. Come, let me give you some medicines and relaxants which will certainly make you feel good...  at least for this one week time when you are on vacations”!!!


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