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Got to know about this " Picture Perfect Competition " at Multiply(dot)com from Mannu's blog. And I totally agree with her co... thumbnail 1 summary
Got to know about this "Picture Perfect Competition" at Multiply(dot)com from Mannu's blog. And I totally agree with her concluding line..   "darn this global warming!"

Yupp, Mannu, its a very gloomy picture of this year's season of the time in most parts of India. Otherwise, monsoons would have swept us by now, had the season be on its usual correct path.

The clouds I met enroute at the usual time of start of monsoons seems perhaps to have lost their way somewhere...

The dry river beds seemed to be optimistic that very time in the month of May eyeing the roaming clouds overhead...

The rivers started behaving as if being shy with covers of water slipping off them making them to feel almost naked...

And, sadly, the story is still the same. The monsoons suddenly started behaving nomadic not coming and showering by this year. Hope they do remember their paths back home, and drench the rivers, the soil, the rooftops, the car windshields, the mankind once again... and definitely with a promise of not to miss the date again next year.

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