[Web-Share]: TOI/AFP article excerpt on overcrowded situation in London Tubes

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST 'Dog-eat-dog (situation) on London Tubes' London   (AFP / TOI news-piece): Chronic overcrowd... thumbnail 1 summary
'Dog-eat-dog (situation) on London Tubes'

London  (AFP / TOI news-piece): Chronic overcrowding on London’s Tube network turns people into animals who adopt a “dog eat dog” attitude to fellow passengers, according to a report released on Tuesday.

Travelers ignore pregnant women or parents with babies in a “survival of the fittest” atmosphere on the underground train system, which is struggling to cope with never-ending tides of commuters and tourists.
The capital’s vast underground network — embodied in the iconic London Tube map — is a perennial source of grumbling for weary workers. Some parts draw more gripes than others. The Northern Line has the worst reputation, but many others can be hellish at rush-hour, with packed platforms and even more sardine-line trains, often so full that none else can get on.
Other examples of how people cope with the daily Tube grind include “suspension of the normal codes of behavior — for example, going after a seat regardless of who else might want it, ignoring pregnant women and peo
ple carrying babies; adopting a Tube persona, more ruthless and selfish; switching off/shutting down — going into an automatic pilot routine, listening to music, turning one’s back; developing strategies to reduce the impact of overcrowding — for example, by going the opposite direction for one or two stops in order to get a seat.
Transport for London, which runs the Tube network as well as London’s buses and other travel infrastructure, insisted it welcomed the report.
The report’s authors said: “The overwhelming majority of passengers perceive overcrowding as a highly abnormal and unpleasant situation.

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